Goki stacking tower

GOKI - Stacking Tower (8 pc)


8 brightly coloured pieces to help learn colours and dexterity. 2yrs +

Dimensions 10cm x 5cm x 18cm


Goki ladybird spinning top

GOKI - Ladybird Tops

$2.50 each

Wooden spinning tops in a ladybird design….too cute!! $yrs +
Dimensions - Diameter 6cm


Goki farm animals

GOKI - Farm Animals Set


These wooden farm animals make great companions for story telling, singing songs or imaginative play. The set consists of 12 farm animals, two of each figure of the horses, cows, piglets and chickens and one of each figure of a pig, rooster, cat and dog. Solidly constructed the farm figures are hard wearing and built to last. 3yrs +
Dimensions - Height 3cm - 11cm


Goki Metal YoYo



Remember Walk the Dog and Around the World? See if you can master the yo-yo tricks you could do as a child with the cool Goki metal yo-yo's. There are 6 geometric, brightly coloured designs aimed at coordination and entertainment!. 4yrs +


Muddle Puzzle



Muddle puzzles - more difficult than you think. This Knight muddle puzzle is a 9 piece puzzle where you have to match images on all sides. Is there only one way to do this puzzle? - you find out! Made from wood with paper overlay.





Goki wooden beads

GOKI - Wooden Bead Set (44 pieces)


This colourful assortment of wooden beads are great for your creative little ones. The pack comes with 44 coloured beads and 3 strings, ideal for making super groovy necklaces and bracelets. 4yrs +


Goki pushalong ladybird

GOKI - Push Along Ladybird


Push the ladybird along and the ball rotates. She encouraging fine motor skills and coordination. 2yrs +
Length 9.5cm


wooden rainbows

Every house must have a Rainbow (or two) right?…..

These bright and cheerful wooden rainbows come in two sizes.
Large - 250mm x 120mm x 35mm $33.50
Small - 180mm x 90mm x 20mm $23.50

Suits ages 3 to 100..ideal for children 3-7


Goki wooden stacking chairs

GOKI - Wooden Stacking Chairs


Stack them up and pile them high, this balancing chair game is harder than it looks. Stack the 45 wooden chairs in any configuration you want and see who can stack all the chairs without making them tumble. This game can be played with 1 or more players. 3yrs +
Dimensions - height 7cm

Goki thumb piano

GOKI - Ladybird Thumb Piano


Also known as a Kalimba, this musical percussion instrument originates from Africa. Gently strum the 8 metal keys with your fingers or thumbs and this thumb piano will produce a calming melodic sound. Create your own song with the 8 notes or play one of your favourite tunes. 5yrs +
Dimensions - Length 22cm


Holtziger Tree

HOLZTIGER - Tree 22cm

$ 27.50

All Holtztiger products are made in Europe from hardwood. All surfaces and edges are sanded to a very smooth finish, then hand-painted with nontoxic, waterbased paints and sealed with a nontoxic water lacquer making the figure resistant to perspiration and saliva. 3yrs
Dimensions - 19cm x 2.8cm x 22cm


Holtziger Kangaroo

HOLZTIGER - Kangaroo


This iconic symbol of Australia...It is important to Australian culture and is much loved by children and adults alike. 3yrs +
Dimensions - 15cm x 2.8cm x 13cm


Holtztiger Koala



Cute and cuddly, the koala is one of Australias most well recognised animals. 3yrs +
Dimension - 7cm x 2.3cm x 6.5cm





These light weight colourful bamboo tiles are waiting to express building ideas. Use to build, practice colour recognition or encourage counting and addition skills. Set includes 120 tiles in a rainbow of 9 colours. Each tile measures 9.5 x 2.5cm. For 1-2 players.

Bamboo is one of the oldest life forms on Earth. Bamboo is actually a giant natural grass that replenishes itself in the wild, it grows as tall as trees and doubles in height every year. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly material and once cut, it grows back in 3 years! although beautiful when finished, its challenge is it is sensitive to sawing, cutting, filing, dyeing and bending.
By selecting a Bamboo product, you are choosing a product made from renewable resources.
For 4 years plus.


Rainbow Paddle Boat


Wind me up, watch me go!
The paddle boat is an incrediably simple toy that really works well in the bath or paddling pool. Children love winding up the rubber band and letting it go so it can splash and zoom along in the water. You can use more rubber bands (three or four) for excitement or less rubber bands to make it last longer.


Toys Pure - Wooden Balancing Donkey Game - See how high you can stack the donkey.


See how high you can stack the donkey before his load comes tumbling down. A game for 1-4 people. Made from solid wood.

Suitable for 5yrs & up 12cm x 10.5cm

All Toys Pure products are designed & imported from Germany.


This doll’s house is based on a shoe design & comes with 2 dolls & 16 pieces of furniture & accessories.


This doll’s house is based on a shoe design & comes with 2 dolls & 16 pieces of furniture & accessories. The lid lifts off which allows easy access for little hands to all the rooms of the house. Very cute.

Suitable for 3yrs & up 27cm x 24cm x 19cm

All Toys Pure products are designed & imported from Germany.



Beleduc wooden stand mixer with bowl


Made from plantation trees
for ages 3 & up

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