Wooden Fountain Pen + Ink Cartridges

Wooden Fountain Pen + Ink Cartridges

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An ergonomically designed robust fountain pen. Soft non-slip finger depressions allow for a comfortable tripod-grip to help develop perfect hand-writting. Suitable for both right and left handers.

Comes with a variety of Refillable Ink Cartridges.

Barrel is made or Ash Wood.

Tips and Care for your Greenfield Pen:
Slide the tapered end of the empty cartridge into the barrel.
Insert the ink cartridge with the flat ends together into the barrel. This creates pressure which guarantees a constant ink supply.
Twist the grip with nib (without a cartridge) onto the barrel. This prevents the ink feed from leaking.
When the pen will not be used for an extended period (eg over the holidays) remove the cartridges + write until all the ink is out of the pen. This prevents the ink from drying which caused the pen to block.