The Power of Stories by Horst Kornberger

The Power of Stories by Horst Kornberger

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From the great myths + legends to enchanting fairy tales, parables, fables and folktales, stories can have a great healing and educative power.

They come from our subconscious + imagination, deep inside us. They have much to teach us, therefore, about ourselves + the world we create around us.

Horst Kornberger, a writer, artist + Steiner-Waldorf teacher, first explores the power of particular stories such as Odysseus, Parsifal, Oedipus, Bible stories + fairy tales.

He then explains how to apply that power to help a child develop, or to heal + transform a child with difficulties. Finally he discusses the art + practicalities of creating new stories to help children with particular needs, + shows storytelling to be a universal gift that we can use to benefit those around us.

This is a fascinating + inspiring book for teachers, parents + carers of children, as well as creative writers + students of literature.' This beautifully written + wise book taps into a deep source, the spring of imagination.

The author gives very helpful examples of certain stories particularly well-suited to different ages, explaining how each matches + reflects the child's developing consciousness. If you have anything to do with children, buy this book. If you have anything to do with yourself, buy it as well.'-- Matthew Barton, New View, summer 2007