Spin a Scarf of Sunshine by Dawn Casey + Stila Lim

Spin a Scarf of Sunshine by Dawn Casey + Stila Lim

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Nari lives on a small farm with hens + bees + apple trees, + cares for a little lamb of her own.


The seasons turn + Nari's lamb grows into a fine sheep with a fleece that is ready to shear. Nari + her family use traditional skills to transform the fleece into a cosy scarf, as they shear, spin, dye + knit.


But as Nari grows older her beloved scarf becomes tattered ~ it is ready to be recycled into compost for the farm with the help of some friendly worms.


'Spin a Scarf of Sunshine' is a simple, lyrical story which encourages young children to engage with the wool cycle + understand the basics of traditional crafts of natural spinning, dyeing, knitting + gardening.


The luminous illustrations of the natural world will inspire children + adults alike to explore the simple beauty around them + connect them to the idea of sustainable living + knowing where our clothing comes from.
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