Earthwise ~ Environmental Crafts + Activities with Young Children by Carol Petrash

Earthwise ~ Environmental Crafts + Activities with Young Children by Carol Petrash

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Earthwise is full of practical ideas for nature crafts + seasonal activities to encourage young children to be aware of their environment. The activities are carefully written + beautifully illustrated,+ will encourage children to develop a respect for nature, the earth + all living creatures. Children will learn about their dependence on the earth's produce (by taking stalks of wheat + turning them into bread-flour); how to create + not just consume (by making their own gifts); how to make butter+ grow food (even in the city); + how to make outdoor playhouses from natural materials.

The book also contains seasonal suggestions for making a more Earth-friendly home + classroom, + a comprehensive list of resources + suppliers. Age 3-9 years.

'How do parents and childminders keep their sanity over the long school holidays? Answer: invest in a book like this. It is jam-packed with ideas for simple activities using natural materials found everywhere. 
-- Jackie Harris, Worcester Evening News, 21 August 2004

'A wonderful and very original craft book. These seasonal activities are brilliantly thought out and easy to follow. Wonderful.'
-- Hilary Woolf, Education Otherwise, October 2004

'In writing Earthwise, it is as though Carol Petrash took the idea of making a daisy chain and allowed it to blossom into a myriad of activities that are not only satisfying and fun, but serve to connect both children and adults to the living Earth. Whether you live in a bustling metropolis or in the quiet of the woods, you will be able to find the materials you need to experience the creative bounty of nature. Anyone who enters this magical kingdom with Ms. Petrash will find refreshment for the adult soul and a gentle guiding hand for the growing child.'
-- Bob and Nancy's Bookshop (

'Seasonal, hands-on nature crafts designed to enhance community, dependence on the earth and how we need to respect all that it provides for us.'
-- Skipping Stones

'More than 100 classroom activities designed to help children grow into 'the sense of wonder'. A fine resource for people working with young children.'
-- Earth Ethics

'A treasure-trove of earth-friendly activities which will foster respect for the environment as well as for good old-fashioned thrift. With idea after do-able idea, this is a real find.'
-- Children's Book Review Service

'Readers familiar with the Waldorf school will recognize certain gentle components of that system of ideas: the use of beeswax, watercolours and carded wool; a preference for wooden toys. A sense of peace and centredness is fostered through the book.'
-- Holistic Education Review

'So holistic is this handy book that it sets out a comprehensive introduction on how to plan an earth-friendly environment for all these activities, with an excellent section on planning a growing area, so you can help children grow their own materials and really get stuck in to the process from beginning to end.'
-- Jackie Harris, Worcester Evening News, 21 August 2004