Award-Winning Story CD's by Jenni Cargill
cd’s $26.50 each or 2 for $50

The Mermaid’s Shoes and other enchanted tales

cover artwork for The Mermaid’s Shoes and other enchanted tales

for ages 3-8 yrs
winner ‘Honours’ US Storytelling World Awards

This exquisitely produced Australian CD will retain a child’s interest for years. The title track is an original tale about the mermaid of Byron Bay. One full moon night she hears funky drum rhythms on the beach and sees dancers twirling and leaping by a beach fire. She is so inspired that she swaps her mermaid tail for human legs, so that she can become a dancer. The mermaid’s shoes hold a magic that allows her to transform under the full moon. But will the sea call her back? Culturally, the stories and songs range between Australia, China, Ireland, Russia and Japan. The album begins and ends with songs Jenni wrote to express the magic in the realm of story and the power of hope, faith and persistence.
The most popular CD in the series so far.

Molly Whuppie and other wonder tales

cover artwork for Molly Whuppie and other wonder tales

for ages 5-10 yrs
winner ‘Special Award’ TDK Awards National Library of Australia.

This CD was formerly known as 'Wonder Tales of Earth and Sea'. In the title track the dauntless and adorable "Molly Whuppie" from Scotland repeatedly outwits and outruns a fierce giant. Jenni's retelling is replete with chants, slurps, burps and knee slaps that kids can join in with. The other stories and songs are from Australia, Indonesia, China and Japan. After nine years this album grows more popular each year.
This CD has four songs.

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